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19.02.2020, 12:02

Max Pump XR Can bodybuilding in pregnancy be practiced? Women are not prohibited from practicing weight training in pregnancy. In fact, this kind of exercise even helps to strengthen and tone your muscles and build endurance, something the future mom will need during her labor if she is to deliver normally. However, given that pregnancy causes significant changes in a woman's body and that extra care must be taken because she is carrying a being within herself, certain care is essential for the woman who resolves to lift weight during pregnancy: Before making any decision regarding any kind of exercise during pregnancy, it is essential to talk to the doctor. Even better if this talk happens in the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period, the woman will be able to tell more details about her workout routine before becoming pregnant and listen to him for guidance on how his training should be during the nine months. At this time, he will not only indicate what kind of exercise can be done, but also at what intensity and frequency, considering not only the pregnant woman's history, but also the conditions of her pregnancy and the condition of her baby. As much as you know people who have been allowed to do a certain type of physical activity during pregnancy, keep in mind that each body works in a way and that who can give the final word on what is best for each specific case is the body. doctor accompanying the pregnancy. Likewise, it is safer to have the assistance of a specialized or experienced personal trainer in training pregnant women while performing the exercises. He will be able to guide the woman regarding the ideal weight of the loads, intensity and techniques that do not harm the baby. If a woman has never lifted a weight in her life, perhaps the gestation period is not the best time to start, isn't it For future moms who fit into this group, it may be more appropriate to set aside the weight in pregnancy and opt for other activities such as yoga, walking, stretching, pilates and water aerobics, with appropriate adaptations for pregnant women. Always with physician approval and follow-up by a qualified physical education professional, of course. On the other hand, for women already quite used to this type of activity, abandoning it can even be dangerous.
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20.02.2020, 02:33

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